We’re a hot new bootstrapped startup working on a technology you simply must experience: txts from beyond as a service, or TFBaaS. Please come to our technology preview at an undisclosed Winnipeg location in the evening on Tuesday, March 6, 2018.

At the preview, you and other attendees will be brought together by txts, receiving inspiration from beyond, and delving into the intriguing consequent interstitial spaces.

But what is this, really?

When and where?

We can’t share the technology preview location publicly because of the rampant corporate espionage in this market segment. Please register to learn more.

We will be meeting at a downtown Winnipeg location and traveling together to the preview for the start time of 6:30pm via Winnipeg Transit. If you need to make alternate travel arrangements, let us know. After we get inside from the bus, everything that follows will remain indoors.


Anyone is invited to attend. You should have a curiosity about beyond and a sense of adventure. You can go alone or with a partner; at least one of you should have a phone capable of receiving text messages.


We are offering access to our technology preview for a mere $5, but any amount (including 0) is welcome.


Do you have accessibility needs we should know about? Please tell us when you register and we will work with you on how you can participate.

The evening could cover large indoor distances, but the particulars can be adjusted according to need.


You must register to attend the event, as the technology is dependent on knowing who will be present. If you’re uncertain whether you can make it, register anyway; you can cancel up until the day before. Or, you could register as a team and change out who participates.


This is not the registration form, that’s here.